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Lumia 950 discussion

December 7, 2015

Let the record state that I am not a windows fanboy especially since I would never limit myself to one operating system, but I hope android and apple follow suit with the idea of making phones a dock-able desktop.  For my purposes I need a second computer to use social media, web browsing, running/ slinging streams, and participating in chats while my primary computer is occupied.  I could set up a second monitor on my primary computer, but I am usually using it for graphics and internet intensive tasks so I really would be better off with a separate system to manage the aforementioned tasks.  Right now I have a key system bound to swapping my primary app with a web page and a tablet on for chat, but it is a pain in the a#$ and it leaves something to be desired.  Ok, so just buy a laptop or chrome book or another computer, but if I need to spend $700-900 on a new phone that is as boss as a computer to even get the most powerful mobile apps which is perhaps more than I would even spend on a second system that only needed to be web-ready if you can give it the power to knock out that other necessity at the same price it might just give it a leg up on other options.  IMHO.